Would You Still Marry Her After Seeing This ?

please advice   
They say love is blind, but in marriage counseling classes, couples are advised to keep their eyes open while courting, and keep them close after marriage for peace to reign. Now imagine you dating a very pretty girl and you go visiting her and see this, would you still go ahead with the marriage? 

Now read this brother's encounter below, the person actually shared this photo, asking for advice on what to do.

I attached this picture so that others will understand my feelings because the other place i shared they said am not serious or just trying to frame her, there is a girl i have been dating before God and man she brings food for me at times and i eat but each time i request to visit her house she will refuse with silly excuse and God knows i really wanna marry her then as God may have it, I did some investigations and with help of God i met an old friend who knows her and family very well, so he took me to the girls house to see her family casually, the front door was locked so we passed through kitchen, my people what i saw made me speechless the whole house was so dirty from the kitchen to the parlor was all messed up, and this is a girl that made me believe she’s cool, make ups, claims her family is rich etc. Please what do I do?please advice

Please drop your candid advise. would you still marry her, if she was your girl?

Would You Still Marry Her After Seeing This ? Would You Still Marry Her After Seeing This ? Reviewed by getitrightnigerians on 19:33:00 Rating: 5


  1. Teach her what you need her to know and marry her

  2. Bros if I were the one I won't marry her again o, she has lied about her family status, she can't even keep her own house neat, I am pretty sure there are other lies hidden in her heart. Run for your life because all she has done before now is lying and pretending to be true. Any woman who cannot keep her home cannot keep he husband's home. The first place of training is from parent and if she didn't learn there where else would she learn? In your house? Wisdom is profitable to direct in all things o.


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